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emotional intelligence leadership Dec 20, 2022

For years we were told as leaders  not to show or express or even have Emotions , but what if this is the very thing that  separates the Good Leaders to the Great Leaders .

It was 2019 I just completed my Masters in NLP ( Neuro Linguisitc Programming) I recieved the envelope which I expected I would see the Certificate confirming this and I soon realized that there were 4 Certificates in the envelope, 

Certificate #1 Practitioner Certification of Masters in NLP

Certificate #2 Practitioner of Time-Based Therapy

Certificate # 3 Practitioner of Advance Emotional Intelligence EQ1

Certificate #4: Master Practitioner of Advance Emotional Intelligence EQ2

When I first saw this, I was so confused! I wondered what was going on and why I would I need to be a Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence. I mean what does that even mean. After I went through the entire training, it never even mentioned that I would now be a Master Practitioner of this so called Emotional Intelligence . And it wasn't until later when I was back in the workplace that I realized this was not standard for most people.

I wasn’t paying any attention to the world around me, I was learning and focused on completing my Masters . This learning I was doing  was different than any learning I had done in the past , it felt intuitive for me. It was like I was learning about a part of myself that I knew. All the learnings were so natural and full of meaning.

I went through an in-depth study of what I felt came easily for me - but seems not so easy for others.

I love to talk about the topics of human psychology, such as how we think, why we do things, and where we get stuck.

And after learning Emotional Intelligence ( as I found out what it was called) It felt like I have a process for how to shift and change  things both for me and for others.

I'm still not sure what it means to have emotional intelligence. I thought it was just a given that everyone had this.

But as I soon discovered the great gap among many leaders, the missing key to their success was the quality of their emotional intelligence. With EQ, these leaders had what it takes to be effective and succeed, while those without it lacked this crucial ability.

Do you have a high EQ? You're in luck because Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is vital to leading a productive life. You can manage your own emotions, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict by utilizing your EQ!

Emotional Intelligence is such a masterful Leadership Skillset that will support you as you cultivate everyday leadership skills that distinguish you from the average leaders to great leaders, not only in the work you do but in life.

I've always loved having a great self-awareness, empathy, and social skills. When I was working in corporate I was often provided feedback on these skills and I always would respond " its nothing special its  just me " thinking it was nothing different to what every leader has. It was very soon after that I discovered how many leaders did not have this .. and that EQ ( Emotional Intelligence ) truly is a magical point of difference from one leader to the next.

 I don't profess I have the full compassing of Emotional Intelligence but it is and will remain a Work in Progress and anyone who tells you otherwise may not see the gaps of their own Emotional Intelligence ;) 

Now more than ever as we shift how we lead and lead more with  SOUL ,  Emotional Intelligence is one of those  #1 focus skills to master, as it's easy to stumble when we encounter challenges or difficulties  around business and life and it's even easier to lose sight of ourselves when everything goes smoothly.

Emotional intelligence is extremely important to understand in the business world.

Please read on , this is really important.

The vast world of business is not for the faint of heart. It takes much more than "smarts" or "luck." In order to succeed, you need to enjoy what you're doing and be willing to work through the Emotional hards.

You probably know people who are academically brilliant and yet socially inept. Intelligence quotient, or your IQ score isn't enough on its own to succeed in life. Whatever success means for you, there are other factors at play too.

Yes, your reasoning is an important factor in breaking through success layers within your business or life. However, the emotional intelligence you possess ensures you'll be able to work with stress and emotions when it comes to  the challenges and obstacles that come up. Your IQ and emotional quotient (EQ) work together, but they're most effective when they're worked in tandem.

I never realized how much EQ impacts

Your work performance

When you're unhealthy and stressed, it can have a negative impact on your mental health.

Everyone's mental health

Your relationships

Your Social Intelligence

Technology is disrupting the world and has become a global concern for the health and well-being of all. I'm wondering what our kids think about EQ, and wonder when it will be integrated into the learning curriculum. For now more than ever our Children need this skill

Knowing how to handle our own emotions can be hard. If we don't keep ourselves in check, it could quickly impact our energy levels and the way in which we show up for ourselves and/or others.

With the advent of technology and online work, people are working in all sorts of ways. Those with jobs who work from home, or maybe even those beginning their own Soul/Purpose-driven businesses, if your finding it Challenging you  might want to focus on your EQ.

Emotional Intelligence has been a core factor in my own  journey. It's not an easy road, but it's also not an impossible one. In my mind, it's about being driven to make the most of every situation no matter who you are or where you come from.

It's been said that for many years, humans have been told to suppress or mask their emotions. And by doing so, we've unknowingly suppressed or masked our own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around us. And in return leaving us in equipped to navigate for ourselves and support  others.

 One way society attempts to deal with emotions, is by suppressing them. Addictive behaviours are common with people who are unable to deal with these suppressed emotions. The reason many people may be stuck in one situation, or performing an addictive behaviour is because they have never dealt with the underlying issue that is creating their anxiety.

What if everyone's emotional intelligence was a standard? We would learn how to cope with our own emotions effectively and also become more understanding of others. I wonder how our lives would be different and how this would impact the world? I've often considered what it would be like.

If your just at the starts of navigating this four yourself , The first place to start is connecting to yourself and your emotions. Allowing your emotions to process without the aid of support that you may often go to , so you don't deal with it. If you're looking for an easy way to make a big difference for you and your life , then this would be it.
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