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Friday 9th September 2022 – 11:00am – 3:00pm

The Field at Easts Rugby CLub – Woollahra Golf Club

Ticket Price Includes: Guest Speaker , Light Lunch,  Refreshments & Group Q&A / Masterminding

Sydney Meet Up Women in Business

Join the Sydney meet up of Soul Led Women in Business, create connections – lunch together – Learn from each other and grow together.

If you desire real authentic conversations , connections, a mix of fun and play with a mix of inspiration, learning and growing then you will love these gatherings



Early Bird $65.00 AUD  – On Sale till 2/9/2022

Please ensure you REGISTER for the event to secure your spot. The Speaking Circle is for 1 Hour and is capped to 10  Women Only to ensure all women have an opportunity to share and practise  

Monthly Speaking Circle Meet Up
There is deep healing when we can voice , speak and openly express our truth , from our deepest fears , to our deepest longings, our beliefs ,our learnings and our wisdom , sharing stories of love, hope and heros. Join me for A Monthly Soul Speak & Connect Session , each month  a new channeled message is used to open the Topic of the Speaking Circle , Women are invited to Speak and Share their thoughts, their perspectives and their own wisdom in a space that is safe, non judgemental . This is a No Selling Space , it is designed for women to practise Impromptu Speaking and to find safety to express their thoughts and opinions, Women are invited to Join in on the relaxed conversation or to observe and listen.
There is no wrong or right way to show up  just show up as you