VOXER Messaging ONLY Coaching

I became obsessed with this style of coaching when I was first introduced to it in a Group Mastermind.

VOXER is a Walkie Talkie App for Communication I would say its like having a “Coach in your Pocket” .

How Does it Work?

Anyone can send a Voice Message to another, if the person is online , they can hear the other person’s recording as it happens. If you are not online the message is recorded and you can hear it afterward.  This service is not bounded my timezones or scheduled zoom calls , its like having your own private access to a Coach 24/7 ,  Tap into whenever and whatever you  need or desire to work on for you and your business. From Mindset/Messaging/Speaking/ Leadership / Business Growth 
Speaking & Leadership Coaching

Michelle’s 1:1 packages are designed to support  Leaders and Entrepreneurs who desire to bring more Soul to their personal brand , leadership, confidence & speaking . Michelle’s Coaching is a Blend of  Public Speaking – Business Leadership Energetics – Mindset & Strategy.  Blending her 20 plus years of Business Leadership , together with  10 Years of  Speaking and Communication Facilitation and  Training  Michelle holds a series of  qualifications around Leadership , Communication , Wellbeing and Strategic Coaching, Michelles Passion for Self-Leadership, Speaking, Communication and Emotional Wellbeing makes her the perfect Speaking  & Leadership coach and partner to support you in expanding your Personal Brand and Expanding your Leadership Impact both personally and professionally.

What its like to work with Michelle