4 Week Speak with Confidence 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship Program

For Women Leaders and Business Owners seeking to enhance their communication skills and leadership presence. This bespoke 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship program is designed to support  participants with the confidence and competence to articulate their ideas clearly, engage their audience effectively, and lead with authority.

Michelles Coaching works from the Inside Out helping to  get to the root cause of what may be holding you back in your Confidence whilst working on developing your Skill Set as a Communicator and Leader

Program Deliverables

Over 4 Weeks Together we will Clear out any Blocks and Fears around Speaking , Visibility and Promoting You and Your Ideas.

We will work together to help you Unlock your Authentic Voice, Speak with Clarity & Confidence in both your professional and personal life.

 Whats Included

  • Initial Kick of & Goal Setting Session
  • 4 x Weekly 1:1 Zoom Coaching Sessions (Capped at 90mins)
  • Self Led  Video Trainings as needed
  • Unlimited Messenger Coach/Mentor Support during the 4 Week Period.

Program Outcome 

By the end of the 4 Week Speak with Confidence 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship Program will have

Increased Confidence:
-Enhanced self-assurance in public speaking and day-to-day communication.
- Overcoming self-doubt and fear of judgment.

Effective Communication Skills:
- Ability to articulate thoughts clearly and persuasively.
- Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.
- Improved active listening and feedback skills.

Leadership Presence:
- Development of a compelling personal brand and executive presence.
- Enhanced ability to influence and motivate others.

Personal Growth and Action Plan:
- Customized action plan for ongoing development and success.
- Tools and techniques to manage anxiety and maintain a positive mindset.

Participants will leave the program equipped with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively, lead with authority, and inspire those around them, setting the stage for continued personal and professional success.


May 2024 - 1 Spot

June 2024-  2  Spots


What People Are Saying:

I originally reached out to Michelle to assist with 1:1 coaching speaking coaching to assist in overcoming any self-doubt and nerves. The work I did with Michelle has helped me reframe my thinking and she has provided with tools to work through any nerves. Michelle's support was more than expected with her being available prior to a speaking event in any way I needed, which is what got me through it. I would definitely recommend working with Michelle, I know I will continue to.

Angela Cilia

Working with Michelle was a very empowering experience. Throughout the process I felt safe and supported, which allowed me to look more deeply into the factors preventing me from showing up and being confident in my business. I was new to EFT Tapping, however I was pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness in helping to clear some mental blocks that were holding me back. Since my session, I've been able to use the techniques shared by Michelle to reinforce positive self talk. which in turn is helping me to lean into my potential as a meaningful and authentic contributor in my field. 🙏🏻 Thank you, Michelle.

Youna Angevin-Castro

I was lucky enough to work with Michelle to assist with my great dread of public speaking (which, as a lawyer, has always been an issue for me). The whole process was an experience in the best of ways - Michelle's tools come from the inside out and have made such a positive difference to my life. Thank you so much Michelle. I can't wait to work with you more.

Emma Maxwell

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