How to Get Booked & Paid to Speak on Stage

Monday 29th April 2024 -  12:00pm AEST

An All-Inclusive Masterclass to Help You
  • Stand Out¬†Learn to shine a light on what makes you unique and craft a message that really catches people's attention.
  • Be Seen¬†-¬†Discover easy, effective strategies to promote yourself,¬†connect with the right people¬†and become a sought-after speaker..
  • Get Paid¬† -Get the inside scoop on setting your fees, negotiating like a pro, and boosting your income from speaking engagements.
Speaking is Your Golden Ticket !

If you want to hit the stage , amplify your message, your impact and your income . Speaking is the fastest way to make it happen . Whether your just starting out, have done some speaking or a seasoned speaker you will want to attend this Masterclass and Learn how to become the go to expert everyone can't wait to hear. 

60min Interactive Masterclass + BONUS Q&A

Its your time to Get Booked and Paid to Speak.

Join me during this Virtual  Free Masterclass and lets get you speaking on stages and spreading your brilliance


Is this Masterclass for You?

  • Your a Woman in Business & Want to Have a Greater Impact¬†¬†:¬†I know your mission and message is important and you want more people to hear what you have to say ! to experience your Story and Brilliance.¬† This Masterclass is made for you , if you¬†want to¬†get started to use speaking to grow your audience, grow¬†your¬†business, grow your Impact and grow your Income
  • You are a Woman Speaker who¬†is¬† seeking more Stages to Speak on¬†,¬†and you want to learn¬† how to find more opportunities and increase your income¬†
  • You have¬†A Calling to¬†Speak On Stage¬†& Don't Know Where to Begin¬†You have received the calling, maybe you even have seen the vision, the vision of¬† yourself speaking on stages , it doesn't make sense because you have no idea what your going to speak on , you have all the feels and fear around speaking¬† but it feels strong and your falling the call and start exploring how to get speaking and how to get paid
A Personal Invitation from Michelle

Are you ready to Activate Change in the Way of Being in this World?

Speakers are the Activators of Change ,speakers are the leaders who activate change they share stories, ideas spark new ways of thinking and when they do this they influence change

However globally 70% of Speakers on Stage are Male 

Women speakers are absolutely crucial in our world right now and We Need More of them !

I firmly believe that women will be the ones that need to change the way of being in our world , Women have the power to drive a transformative change in our society that has not been felt but is so needed. To have this change, it is essential for women to speak more to cultivate the trust within themselves to speak up, to share their unique messages and stories, and embrace the value of their individual perspectives. By doing so, we can create the much-needed change that our world craves.

Women speakers are the catalysts for transforming the way we exist in this world. They possess the ability to shake things up and challenge the status quo.

I am on a mission to connect more purpose-driven women leaders, speakers, and business owners with stages across the globe to have their message heard , to impact change and to be paid for their gifts