What to do when you don't feel inspired to Speak About Your Business

It was coming to the end of June 2023 and I started to feel the dreaded feeling that most speakers and business owners avoid admitting.

This feeling of Uninspiredness… where you feel not excited or interested in anything you speaking, creating and doing.

I could feel it beginning to enter my being … I started to question everything I was saying and everything I was doing around my message and my business

Now admittedly this was not the first time I had felt like this and I will take a guess it won't be the last either.

Ahh the Joys of a ⅗ Projector ( Human Design)

However this time around, I decided to take on this Uninspiredness differently … truth be told it felt a lot differently than what I had previously felt.

See In the past I would always look outside of myself to try and fill the gap and void of feeling uninspired - previously when I had felt uninspired I would go to my thoughts and justify the feeling of not feeling inspired often looking outside of myself for the solutions like “needing to learn something new to re-inspire”, “create a whole new business idea”,” totally pivot direction in my messaging”, “consume endless content to re-inspire myself “ etc etc.

This time … I decided not to go to the default of my head glorifying my lack of inspiration … this time I decided to Feel what my body, my soul needed … Asking myself “ What do I feel I need right now that I don't have and then I just let go and allowed the answer to happen when it happens if it needed to happen ;) Yep I was in total surrender . I decided to detach myself from whatever the answer would be, I decided to give myself the full permission to be and do whatever I wanted and needed without having to “try and inspire! ” without it having to look or feel a certain way.

The answers did not come immediately, that did not bother me the slightest ,  because I gave myself full permission. Then it happened my body … my soul… were speaking to me and their Voice was clear . Letting me know that it was time to let go of everything, Let go of how  I thought everything around me should be … let go of it all and trust the Voice within  to completely listen to the Me, the me who is present inside of me, for she knows what she needs, she knows what to do and what not to do, I knew I needed to trust even more deeply to let go, to have the courage to be with this deeper truth of me.

And so I did… I let go beyond what I had ever done before, I deepened a level of trust in me that I have not reached before.

To Be with all that was around me. To Be with Me.

And this is just one of the many things that happened  when I decided to listen to me;

I did not want to speak to my audience, I did not want to speak about my business, I did not want to speak about speaking …all I wanted was Space ... Space to look after me to look after me like I have never looked after before - I am talking Radical Self Love/Care ..So I stopped!

I decided to go on an Indefinite Sabbatical with my Business ( This was super Radical for me but hey Me is the one that decided to do this)

I knew deep within me that I needed to fully be present with Life, Present As I had never been before.

To be present with me

When I decided that … Everything started to shift my No wanting to speak was going to take a turn …

I became the Speaker for Someone who could not Speak, whose entire life was about to change
When I realised this. I knew that my Love of Speaking was getting diverted to where it needed to be  … I did not know for how long and I didn’t care … for I was the Voice of a Frail Old Man who needed me for the first time like he had never needed me before.

It all happened so quickly … Dad was declining … Dementia was taking over like a raging fire, and Mum no longer felt safe with the man she spent 62 years with.

My Dad was changing …. He was not the Dad I knew and grew up with … the Disease was taking over from his Mind with Dementia to his Body with Cancer.

Mum and Dad did everything together - Mum was the Voice for Dad for many years… but now her Voice was tired, frail, confused and lost.

I now became the Voice for Dad …. Speaking for his needs, navigating the System of Hospitals, Doctors, Specialists & Aged Care plus so much more.

Dad will never know, He will never understand all the things that Mum and I worked on, the rollercoaster of emotions we went and continue to go through, he is now in a beautiful new home, a place of respite a place of care, when we visit we spend time together having repeated conversations, sharing hugs and kisses when he lets us and the odd new stories he shares some stories are scary, some funny, some sad and all of them not making much sense.

This time we spend with Dad will never be again  and the times we have left  mean more to me than the Inspiration I was originally seeking .. Inspiration never really leaves gets diverted to where it needs to be 

You see before you start looking outside of yourself for Inspiration and wondering why you don’t feel inspired to speak or inspired to do and be in your business… …take the moment to reconnect to yourself first, listen to your body, your soul before you allow your mind to take over for the mind wants a quick fix and most of the time that's not going to work well for long that is. Your body wants to feel and if you allow yourself to let go and be … Your soul will lead you to wherever you are meant to be and before you know it, you will see that the Inspiration you were once seeking was always there within you… for we are powerful human beings  and that inspiration your seeking Always Lives within You if you allow her Voice to come through.

Celebrating How Inspired I am with Me on How I took the lead to be the Speaker, The Voice for my Dad all with grace, poise and presence  whilst  continuing to radically love on me .

My voice spoke to me that Spaciousness and Radical Self Love  is what I needed and from all of this and so much more I rediscovered that inspiration is always within me .


Sending you Love, Light & Vitality