Perfectionism is Blocking Courage

Your Perfectionism Is Blocking Your Courage

Perfectionism is a defence mechanism – it stops you from taking risks and being seen as you are

The voice of perfectionism is a voice you’ve heard before: “It’s not good enough.” “I don’t know enough.” “What if it doesn’t work out? What will they say then? I have to do this perfectly, or else…”

Behind these words are your deepest fears and insecurities—of being judged, rejected, or criticized; of not being liked or accepted; of failure, success and everything in between. 

Perfectionists carry these fears around with them wherever they go—and nothing can be perfect 100% of the time.

That means that perfectionists are always playing defence. They are constantly on the hunt for imperfections to correct so that their worst fears won’t come true. This constant vigilance makes it difficult for them to relax, stay present and enjoy life because their mind is never fully at ease. It also prevents them from taking risks because what if things don’t go as planned? What if it doesn’t work out? And so they keep waiting, waiting for the perfect moment that may never come—missed opportunities slipping through their fingers like sand running through an hourglass…

Your perfectionism blocks courage, which blocks the action and the ultimate progress of what you want 

Your perfectionism is blocking your courage.

When you’re living under the tyranny of perfectionism, it’s hard to show up in your work and relationships as all of you. 

To leave this mindset of perfectionism behind means embracing vulnerability, which can be frightening if you’re used to hiding behind the façade of perfection.

You think it is a sign of courage that you research, prepare, double-check and triple-check before you take action. You think it is a sign of courage that you deliberate and analyze your options before you make a decision.

But in reality, it is not courage or action but procrastination disguised as “courage” and “action” .

The truth is, real courage does not care about perfect preparation or outcome because both are impossible to achieve. Perfectionism stops us from having our voice and our business to be seen and heard because in our quest for the perfect thing to say we tend to say nothing at all.

So as you came to this blog in search of understanding how to find Courage, In reality, it’s not courage or action at all. It’s procrastination disguised as “courage” and “action.” Until you have weighed every possible angle or outcome, until you have tested each possible scenario, you won’t take any action. You won’t even think about taking action because your mind will be too busy thinking of all the things that could go wrong — and then thinking of how to avoid those things from going wrong before they can even happen! 

When was the last time a thought like that propelled you forward toward your goal? Never, right?

It’s time to Work with Perfectionism & Courage to Get Into Action

Perfectionism + Courage = Action

Perfectionism blocks courage, and without courage, there is no action. It’s only when we take courageous action that we get to experience the thing we want in our business. So how do you work with the layers of perfectionism so you can step more into your courage?

Here are a Few Journal Points to Ask Yourself;

1- What is the Number One thing I am currently procrastinating on that will bring me closer to what I desire in my Business.

2- What is the Benefit Of Taking Action Towards This?

3 – What is the Benefit of Not Taking Action Towards This?

4 – Take The First Imperfect Courageous Step Towards Your Desire

5 – Celebrate  You Shedding A Layer of Perfectionism and Stepping More Into Courage

One of the greatest way to shed the perfectionism is to be part of a community that embraces and encourages imperfections ;) ... and I know just one of those places . Go and check out HERVOICE Global Community