How to Captivate the Room

Speak Up, Spark Change: How Women in Business Can Captivate the Room

In business, where the spotlight often favours the loud and the brash, carving out a space where your voice not only carries but also captivates attention is an art form—one that women in the business sphere are learning to navigate with a blend of intelligence, strategy, and yes, a delicious dash of fun and play  It's not just about speaking up; it's about having people listen, really listen, to what you have to say. So, ladies, let's dive into the playbook of making your voice a beacon in the business world, with a blend of know-how, confidence, and that irresistible spark of sass.

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1. **The Art of Preparation: Know Your Stuff, Then Know Some More**

First things first, the foundation of confidence is knowledge. Before you step into any meeting, speak on a stage  , or negotiate, arm yourself with information. And then, for good measure, arm yourself with more. When you speak from a place of  understanding and true knowing , your voice naturally carries an air of authority that’s hard to ignore. But here’s where the fun and play comes in: don’t just use your knowledge to make your point, use it to challenge, to question, and to provoke thought. Make it impossible for them not to listen.

 2. **Mastering the Power Pause**

In a world that often equates value with volume and speed, learn the power of the pause. Yes, silence can be your most cheeky ally. Use it strategically to emphasize your points, to let your statements sink in, or to simply captivate the room when the chatter becomes too cacophonous. A well-timed pause can speak louder than a torrent of words and makes people lean in, eager to hear what comes next.

 3. **Cultivate Your Unique Voice**

In the symphony of voices that fill the business arena,  yours is distinct. This doesn’t just mean the timbre or the pitch, but the content of your speech and the style of your delivery. Embrace storytelling, sprinkle in anecdotes, or incorporate a dash of humor and play where appropriate. A little cheekiness can go a long way in making your communication memorable. Your goal? When you speak, people don’t just listen; they remember. So lean in be more you , you can't get that wrong ;) 

4. **Decisive, Not Aggressive: The Leader in You**

There’s a fine line between being assertive and slipping into aggression—a line that women, unfortunately, have to navigate with more caution. The trick? Be decisive  in your convictions and clear in what you want, but coat them with a layer of diplomacy and charm. Think of it as being so elegantly decisive that even your most audacious requests seem reasonable, if not downright irresistible.

5. **The Power of Empathy: Listen to Influence**

Speaking up isn’t just about getting your message out; it’s also about ensuring it lands effectively. And for that, you need to listen potently. Show genuine interest in the viewpoints of others, even as you prepare to present your counterpoints. Empathy not only makes you a better communicator but also earns you the respect and attention of your peers. It’s the secret sauce that adds depth to your wisdom. making your interjections not just heard but welcomed.

6. **Building Connections : Your Backstage Crew**

No woman is an island, especially in the business world. Cultivate relationships, build collaborations, and create a circle of supporters who value your voice and what it stands for. When you speak up, it’s not just your voice echoing in the room but the collective strength of your supporter. Plus, having a crew of cheerleaders makes it so much better than going at it alone.. in the words of John F Kennedy "A rising tide lifts all boats"

7. **Adapt and Pivot: The Dance of Communication**

Flexibility is key. The ability to read the room and adapt your message on the fly without losing your core message is a skill that sets the great communicators apart. Sometimes, the situation calls for you to dial up the cheekiness; other times, it requires a more subdued approach. Be fluid, be flexible, but always be unequivocally you.


Ladies, in the bustling marketplace of ideas that is the business world, your voice is your currency. Spend it wisely, spend it boldly, and sometimes, when the moment is just right, spend it with a cheeky flair that leaves them wanting more. Remember, speaking up is not just about volume; it's about making your words, your ideas, and your presence so undeniably engaging that people can't help but listen. So go ahead, take the stage, and let's show them how it's done.


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