Power of Words

How to Use Words to Influence & Impact.

Have you ever taken a moment to really listen to the Words a Speaker uses?

We can give words so much power , Words can  hurt, heal, motivate, and aggravate. They are so powerful. The Words we hear from others, we say to ourselves or speak to  others  control such a powerful piece of our energy… emotions and when we impact emotions it can even impact a person physically.

This is just how impactful and Influential A word can have on a person, in a situation  A word is worth a thousand pictures and more.

Think of the words “Come here”  Two words that move a person from there to here.

 Or “Write this down”  Three words that cause people to put words on a page.

“Remember a time when you felt angry.”  Seven words that can create an overload of emotions and potentially  reignite traumas.

Your words are powerful and other people's words can have power over you, now more than ever it is important to truly listen, to be mindful of the impact of not only words spoken to you , but the words you speak out. 

Think of the number of people you have made smile by saying, the words “ I really appreciate you”  Or the number of people you have hurt by saying, “What is wrong with you? Can’t  you do anything right? “

We have been all guilty of this … because we don't even know just how much words have power.

Words possess just as much power when spoken to a crowd of a thousand as in a one on one conversation. It is one thing to get one person excited, but inspire and influence  an entire group, and you have irresistible intensity on your side. 

Being a Leader , it is important to understand just how much our words can Influence and Impact both positively and negatively… When you really think about it many Negative Self Talk … all begins with Words that someone once said in a disempowering way or words we speak to ourselves … the same goes for the opposite, we can truly Inspire, Empower and Impact such positive change through the use of Positive Words.

To do this we need to understand how to  Use  words more effectively and for more of a positive effect. Its not to say we should stop any negative words but there is also a way how to frame and speak and use words when we need to influence someone or something from a negative behaviour to a positive.

Here are 3 Ways On How to Understand and Use Words more effectively.

  1.   Understand their influence.. A  series of wrong words can turn an audience from friends to fiends. The better you know and understand who you are speaking to , the better you can tailor your words for their benefit .

The last thing you want to do is weaken your message or totally undermine your message  by using language you could just as easily do without .           

Examples of a Wrong & Weaken Words 


  • WRONG & WEAKEN WORDS – “Just going to run through” This means what you are about to speak about is not of high importance and you are going to really just skim through it  or "A little bit." This is another  phrase similar to the above  guaranteed to water down your message. "I'd like to talk a little bit about . . ." pales next to, 


VS     "Let's discuss this year's important industry trends." 

  1.  You get to choose the outcome. If you Want the group to be charged, mad, excited, encouraged, content, or happy? You can produce any of those by using the right words in the right way.


“I am excited to connect with you all and discover how I can help you today with XYZ”   ( These words connect with the people both from an individual aspect  and as a group it is positive/ uplifting and  displays   Encouragement all in One)

“ I am sorry I am late, I had a terrible morning, I didn’t sleep, I couldn't start my car , I am so angry”  ( Starting a talk  this way sets the tone and mood for what people can expect- someone who is tired and in a bad mood .


  1.  Don’t be afraid to be edgy. Too many speakers are soft. You can be tough without being obnoxious, or insulting a group’s intelligence. You can be humorous and still make a hard-hitting point. It is a balance and a play with Words … 

People are looking for Speakers who are Edgy , who will Speak and not be afraid to tell it like it is .. You can challenge the Audience without Breaking them .

You can provoke expansive /hard hitting thoughts and  Emotions  with powerful words and when you do those are the Words that Impact and Influence .

To  know if a word is powerful, they need to have at least one of these 5 qualities

  1. Unique
  2. Descriptive
  3. Seditious
  4. Action-Driven
  5. Surprising

Using power words is your change to engage people and have them pay attention 

What about your words? Do you toss them out lightly, or with precision power? Your words can change lives and influence millions. Choose and use them well.