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authenticity leadership Dec 03, 2022

It’s not easy to be more authentic and stand out , to reveal yourself to the world. We learn early in life that it’s often easier to blend in, then to Be More You.  Standing out in a school setting often results in bullying and teasing. So we tend to conform and suppress the truth just to fit in! Often people say It gets easier in adulthood but does it really? I found that those early lessons of trying to fit in can be hard to shake.

 Now more than ever, the world needs your individuality. Life is never completely satisfying while you’re pretending to be less than you really are.

Are you ready to let the world see exactly who you are?

Some sharing’s and insights that may help you unravel this;

1. Understand that everyone is trying to fit in. We all have an innate desire to fit in with the crowd. It’s not comfortable to stand out, but that’s where you’ll find the most success and satisfaction. 

 Most of the famous people you can name were able to overcome the need to be anonymous. They were willing to put their best and unique gifts out into the world.

2. Know that people are respected for daring to be unique. Think about the people you know that are willing to be themselves regardless of the circumstances. Their level of comfort is attractive to others. We love people with this ability and want to be more like them. 

Understand that people will be jealous of you if you can be comfortable being yourself. There’s a lot to be gained socially by presenting yourself honestly.

 3Identify what’s unique about you. What can you do differently than most people? What are your natural gifts and talents? What is unique about you? What can you bring to the world that’s in short supply? What is your greatest value to the world? How are you different from others? once you unlock this… this is the key to open those success windows.

4. Find ways to show yourself to the world that isn’t too uncomfortable. It’s all about getting started… in small bite-size ways … often we think its an all or nothing … but it’s about becoming more visible in your way. Suppose your talent is healing, but you fear the judgment of what others would think. You might choose to offer your healing to someone you don’t know and gather feedback and insights from someone whose opinion you may not hold so much  

What can you do to begin exposing yourself to the world slowly and comfortably? Maybe you can start with your friends or complete strangers ( and there are ways to do this that won’t impact future work with them) Give your opinions freely. One way to show your individuality is to just share your opinions when appropriate.

5. Focus on the positive. When you receive some results from taking that first step, focus on the positive. Allow yourself to enjoy the compliments. Notice how any criticism doesn’t really mean a thing. The better you can make yourself feel, the more comfortable you’ll be taking a bigger step. 

6. Find like-minded people. There are people out there trying to do the same thing you are. Keeping with the healing theme, you could find other healers to spend time with. You can support each other. You can learn from each other. You’ll feel braver if you’re part of a community.

7. Continue to grow. Always be pushing forward. You don’t have to go fast to end up someplace great. You simply need to keep moving.

The key to massive success is to keep yourself just slightly uncomfortable and get used to that feelingThe world needs your best, so be willing to put it out there in a bigger and better way.

 As beings, we really admire those that are willing to be themselves. In a sea of seemingly average, fake people and a many masks, those brave enough to present themselves honestly to the world are valued and respected. You can be one of those people. Take a deep breath and reveal your true self. Share your talents and your weirdness. The world needs you.

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